Swindon Foodbank, our 

community helping people in 


Together we can stop hunger.....

If you were in crisis...  

...where would you turn?

Many of us have friends and family to turn to when the unexpected happens. But what if you had no family or your family could no longer help? Where would you go? What if the children were hungry, and you’re not sure where the next meal is coming from? What if you had to make the choice between putting money on the key meter for heat and fuel or feeding your family?

That’s where Swindon Foodbank helps: We provide people food and support when people need it most - helping to avert greater disaster and even greater poverty.

When you choose to support Swindon Foodbank by either giving food and/or money - you too become part of this vital initiative bringing comfort and hope to those in crisis, right here in your own community. 

Swindon Foodbank - "Feeding Local People in Crisis".

Find out more about us, donate now or get in touch on 01793 978045 or 07932 108732

Do you need help?

We help people within Swindon AND the surrounding area. If as part of unfortunate circumstances beyond your control you are currently struggling to feed yourself or family we can probably help. Please click here to find out more.


Donate online - all major credit or debit cards acceptedDonate Online

You can support Swindon Foodbank by donating online or by regular standing order.

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Shopping List

Click here to download the Foodbank shopping list. We are currently in desperate need of long-life Milk, Tinned meat, sugar, tinned fruit and puddings e.g. peaches, fruit cocktail etc., long-life fruit juice and tinned tomatoes. If you can drop off any of these donations to a distribution centre or ring for a collection to be arranged that would be most appreciated. 

Raise Funds for Swindon Foodbank

Want to help us by raising £££ to keep our operation going?

Well we've put together a list of fundraising ideas that will let you have fun while helping local people in "Food Crisis".

Just click here to download the list now.

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