2015 is Swindon Foodbank's 10th Year: How do we mark it?

In the late autumn of this year, 2015 Swindon Foodbank will have been serving the people of Swindon for 10 years!

Much has changed over these years, but we are needed as much now as we ever were and all that we have and continue to accomplish is as a direct consequence of our many supporters and volunteers: We are at all times most grateful to you all :-)

It would be inappropriate to “celebrate” this occasion as it is a constant sadness that there continues (and perhaps there will always be) people in our community whom, from time to time, find themselves in severe financial crisis; struggling to feed themselves and their families.

However we do wish to hold an event to mark a wonderful reality: “The coming together of our generous community who have committed to help their neighbours in need on an ongoing basis”.

Our Chair of trustees: Russell Riggs would like to hear from anyone who has any ideas about the kind of event(s) that could be ran to achieve this goal. If you have any input to offer please e-mail: office@swindonfoodbank.co.uk AND put: “FAO: Russell Riggs RE: 10th Anniversary” as the title so that our office co-ordinator can direct them to him: PLEASE DO NOT POST AS A REPLY TO THIS POST as operating with limited staff resource we cannot assure you that your valuable ideas would reach your intended recipient.