A Story From Our Distribution This Summer: "Help for Harry"

We love dishing out cuddles and hugs and Harry wanted lots, (he's 18 months old) He had been looked after by dad for over 3 weeks as mum had been in hospital having a brain tumour removed. Thankfully, all had gone well, and she is now making good slow progress, but is unable to lift and care for her son. With no extended family, dad had had to have unpaid leave from work, and money soon disappeared. They had been put in touch with us through a childrens centre, and went home with enough to stock the cupboards, and some treats for all.

The school holidays are always a challenging time for parents, but when money is in very limited supply, it makes it that much more difficult. Over the last couple of weeks, we have fed and supported quite a few families, helping to take a least some of the pressure off. and supplying a much needed  'big hug'.