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Chris Offord Joins the Foodbank Team as Deputy Manager 

Chris has a vast experience of working with people who need either emergency help or support to undertake activities so that they can experience life to the full.  He has previously been involved with Swindon's soup run, been the Manager at Legge House Wroughton and at Edale Outreach Centre. Chris is also a Pastor and is part of a new church that meets in North Swindon. Chris joins Cher on the Foodbank team alongside their 50+ volunteers and Norma in the office.

Swindon Restore | The Foodbank Network

Helping those in crisis

People don't go hungry in Swindon - do they?

You would be forgiven for thinking that Swindon is an affluent town with little or no poverty problems. But, just scratch the surface and you’ll realise that the need for a crisis support organisation in Swindon is great: There are an estimated 30,500 income deprived people living in the town. 

Although Swindon is relatively prosperous there are parts of Swindon that are relatively poor, with 6% of residents living in the 10% most deprived areas in the country. A further 15.2% of people in Swindon live in areas amongst the 20% most deprived nationally.

Or to put it another way - 1 in 6 adults in Swindon live close to the edge of their finances. When crisis hits - such as sudden illness, relationship breakdown, redundancy, or a large unexpected expense looms - such people have no financial safety net. The result can be a struggle to put food on the table.


Benefit changes introduced under the welfare reforms has had an impact on some Swindon  residents’ finances. Swindon Borough Council estimates that the impact of welfare reforms to date (with the impact of more to follow) has cost Swindon as much as £4 million per year. The Government aims for its welfare reforms to  reduce "welfare dependency" and to ensure that "work will always pay". This is predicated on there being sufficient jobs and that the people affected by the reforms will be able to access these jobs. In January 2016 the UK unemployment rate was 5.1%, and in Swindon it is lower. It is difficult to say whether there is or is not a surplus of work in Swindon and in any case some long-term unemployed people need more support to become work ready. This may mean that some people will feel alienated when they cannot find a way to secure sufficient income to live on through work whilst benefit entitlements are being cut. Some examples of the impact of welfare reforms in Swindon: 

  •  The implementation of the "under-occupancy changes for social sector claimants" resulting in       a  reduction in Housing Benefits. 
  •  Local Council Tax Support reduced entitlement for working age claimants 
  •  The Benefits Cap of £26,000 per annum (and due to reduce to £20,000) 
  •  Changes to Tax Credits within the context of universal credit will affect a significant                    proportion of the tax credit claimants in Swindon over the next two years 
  •  A number of jobseekers in Swindon are sanctioned each month

(Source: SBC Financial Inclusion Policy June 2016)

Swindon Foodbank was launched in 2005 to offer practical help to those facing sudden crisis. Working together with the borough's support agencies and local volunteers; supported by the generosity of local people we make a significant difference to the lives of thousands. Our volunteers are there to listen and help where they can. Our volunteers routinely talk to our clients about financial inclusion issues and know how to refer them to appropriate agencies for advice. We are hoping to extend this provision and advice service during this year with local partners such as Citizens Advice, Christians Against Poverty and The Wiltshire Law Centre.

Helping families, individualHow Swindon Foodbank works:

  • We are entirely funded and stocked with food by local people: Food is donated either at supermarket collections, or can be dropped off at our food drop off locations

  • Volunteers sort and pack the food into food boxes. Each food box contains enough food for 3-4 days. 
  • Swindon Foodbank partners with front-line care professionals, such as social services, health visitors, Citizens Advice, CGL, Threshold Housing Link, Probation, Health Visitors. Social Workers, GP's  and the DWP benefit department staff, who identify people in crisis and give them a Foodbank voucher.
  • Clients take their voucher to the Foodbank distribution centre to receive their box of nutritionally balanced food. 
  • Swindon Foodbank also helps by putting people in touch with other agencies who can help resolve the underlying causes of the crisis. 


Swindon Restore

Swindon Christian Community Projects (SCCP) also runs our our sister charity: Swindon Restore, which opened in 2011 with a charity shop and cafe in Park North. 

Swindon Restore aims to bring about positive change within the lives of those within our community, primarily through volunteer work-related opportunities for people in need – people with a range of challenges; mental, social or physical needs, the long term unemployed who have lost confidence, mums with children at school looking for a meaningful way to spend their freed time, or young people needing their first work experience.

The shop, at St Johns Church Hall, Whitbourne Avenue, Swindon, SN3 2LG, is open Monday - Fridays between 9am and 4pm. 

Struve`s café is Restores social enterprise café and is based in the Restore shop at Whitbourne Avenue. Daniel Struve` was a regular customer and the café` is named in his memory.  The menu ranges from all day breakfasts with vegetarian options (£3.95) to main meals such as jacket potatoes with various toppings (£2.75),  omelette chips and beans : sausage, chips and beans, egg: chips and beans (£3.50) along with sandwiches (£1.50), chips (£1.00), toasties (£2.25 - £2.50), cakes and beverages (60p-£1.00). Children's meals are £2.00. Why not pop in and take a break whilst shopping at Restore?

Volunteer with us!

Swindon Restore cares passionately about local people: We want to actively help others in our neighbourhood.  Here’s how you can be part of the ‘big heart’ that’s at the centre of your community.

Could you help Swindon Restore by volunteering your time with us. You could: -

  • Sort donated goods
  • Clean and prepare goods for sale
  • Display goods in the shop area
  • Serve in the shop
  • Serve refreshments
  • Sort books
  • Sell items on Amazon and Ebay
  • Clean strip and paint furniture
  • Make wooden items to sell, in our workshop
  • Test electrical items
  • Clean, strip and paint furniture
  • Work alongside a less able volunteer
  • Plant and keep a garden area
  • Help with van collections and deliveries

Contact Information

The Project Manager and Deputy Project Manager can be contacted between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday:

Tel: 01793 978045  Email –

Swindon Christian Community Projects

SCCP is a Christian charity committed to supporting individuals and communities in times of need through life changing sustainable projects. We work in partnership with local individuals, churches and agencies in Swindon and those concerned for Swindon. Our work is built on the Christian values of compassion, integrity and commitment. 

SCCP aims to: 

  • Demonstrate Jesus' love in action through practical, community based projects, such as Swindon Foodbank and Swindon Restore. 
  • Act as a "voice" to represent the needs of those from Swindon in crisis and facilitate where possible access to sources of constructive help

Our current Trustees are:

  • Paul Dixon - Chairperson
  • Bob Hayward
  • Rosemarie Schofield
  • Bryan Tonkin
  • Ryan Haylock
  • Mark Wood

The Foodbank Network

Swindon Foodbank is part of the foodbank network, run by The Trussell Trust who are based in Salisbury.

The Trussell Trust is a Christian charity specialising in the development of life-changing community projects. The foodbank network is continually growing, with almost 400 Foodbanks open throughout the UK.

For up to date information about other Foodbanks, or information about opening a Foodbank in your own area, please contact The Trussell Trust - visit