Babies need feeding too

Sometimes we are given some baby food which we can distribute when the need arises.  Last Thursday we had two such occasions.

Jane's partner moved out when he found out she was pregnant, so in order to support Jane with the baby her mother moved in.  These changes caused the Benefits Office to close their case on the computer in order to reassess Jane's situation.  While she waited for her benefits to be reinstated Jane was in need of help with food to bridge the gap -and thanks to the baby food we had in our stores we were also able to provide some food for the baby.

Abi and Jake are young parents who were living in a hostel until their baby was born.  With their new arrival the council found them a flat but it was a private let and therefore the landlord required the first month's rent in advance. Their housing Benefit was still being processed, and so they were forced to borrow the money for the rent. They were left with nothing to buy their food, or their baby's,  so their Health Visitor helped them with a food voucher. We were so happy to be able to provide food not just for Abi and Jake but for their baby too.