Benefits Mix-up Leaves Mum in Distress

Sally and John live in Swindon and have six children. But recently the family suffered the trauma of Sally's eldest son, also called John, losing his battle with cancer. As if this difficult time wasn't enough, there followed a mix up over their benefits. Due to Sally's partner and son both having the same name, the Benefits Office incorrectly recorded the death of the wrong John. Suddenly Sally and her partner, still reeling from their son's death and concentrating on comforting their remaining five children, were faced with trying to support the family with no money coming in.

Sally and John received support from professionals in Swindon, who referred them to Swindon Foodbank. We have been privileged to be part of the team supporting this family through a distressing time, providing food for the whole family while the benefits mess is cleared up. Contact with the family has allowed us also to give emotional support It is a great example of how the network of support agencies in Swindon work together to provide help for those in crisis.