Client testimonials

Jenny came to us for help because she had no one else to turn to – we were able to help her with a food parcel for her and her young family. This is what she wrote to us … “Thank You so much for the food parcel. Can you also say a huge Thank You to Andrew, I really and truly appreciate what you both have done for me. You don’t know how much it hurt to see Jonny (Jenny’s son) looking at the boxes and ask for beans for lunch. Just knowing that he found the beans and for him to ask had me in tears. I know to most people, they would say why is she upset over a tin of beans, but being in the situation I’m in and knowing that I cannot provide for my children … and you guys made that happen today. Once again I am truly thankful for your kindness, and generosity I can now make sure the boys can have tea tonight x”

Amy is a single mum, in her mid 20’s. She arrived at our Distribution Point and she seemed very composed – she explained that she needed some food for her and her young daughter as although her benefits had changed several weeks ago, she hadn't received any money for 4 weeks. We talked to her for a few minutes and listened as she explained how she had spent most of her life in care and that she was so very lonely. The few members of her family that she had been close to had died a 2 or 3 years ago, and now, living on her own, she was having trouble with her neighbours, to the extent that it had affected her mental health. Her initial composure soon dissolved as she explained her difficulties. We were able to ‘signpost’ her to Swindon Borough Council. One of our volunteers has also kindly offered to ‘give her a call and keep in touch’. For someone that had no one in her life showing her any care or compassion, we were able to make ‘a real difference’ to Amy’s day.