Current Food & Toiletries Requirements

As you may already know; the food parcels that we provide contain a nutritionally balanced mix of 18 different types of food and due to the generosity of the people of Swindon we have good stocks of the main items. However there are a few lines that we have far less stock of. So if you are considering donating food please could you choose from these items? We have a number of dropoff points throughout the town and if you have a particularly large amount to give please message or call us to arrange getting it to our warehouse. Thanks in anticipation The SFB Team :-)

¨ Sweet biscuits
¨ Long life fruit juice (orange or apple)
¨ Small (500g) bags of sugar
¨ Small (100g) jars of coffee
¨ Long life cows milk
¨ Tinned fruit

And non-Foods:

Roll on deodorant & shampoo.