Feeding a family of seven is no simple feat

Katy came into Swindon Foodbank last week. A mother of 5 children (late teens downwards), she has been searching for work for some time, but has not managed to find any yet. Her partner, a self employed tradesman in the building trade, is also out of work at present. Being self employed he is limited in what help he can get through the Job Centre; the children are all in full time education and not of an age to be able to help bring in income. So the responsibility and pressure to provide falls to Katy to claim what she can.

The family are finding it vey difficult to manage on what benefits they do receive. When she came to the Distribution Centre she was quite tearful, feeling that she just didn’t know how to manage any more, and not knowing where to turn for more help. 

We were able to feed the whole family, relieving some of the pressure which Katy has been living under for a time.