Foodbank and Restore working hand in hand

Esther is a young mum of teenage children, who suffers from Aspergers. Though she receives support through term time, during the holidays she is left to fend for herself, without structure or guidance. She believes that one of her sons may also have Aspergers, but his intense shyness has so far prevented him from getting diagnosis or help. 

Esther's money had just been changed from weekly to fortnightly and she was totally unable to adapt to this on her own.  Swindon Foodbank were able to help her with food support, and we were also able to offer her some volunteer time at Swindon Restore.  

When we suggested the workshop at Restore her face lit up - she loves working with wood.  She will be able to come in on a regular basis and restore some furniture, giving her structure in her time, regular activity, connections with people to support her and food to eat.  It is a lovely picture of how the two projects are going to work hand in hand.