Left with nothing, but Foodbank steps in

Gill's life recently fell apart when her partner left her. But it wasn't just the emotional trauma. When he left he took everything with him - the cooker, fridge, their furniture and bedding - leaving her with nothing.  Gill was devastated and extremely sad.  At Swindon Foodbank we were able to help her with some food and a few hygiene products, and also put her in touch with the Gateway Furniture Project who may be able to help with basic furniture needs.

Sandy's partner Glynn also walked out on her, leaving her with their two children aged 4 and 1. On going to buy food she realised that he'd also cleared out their joint bank account, leaving her with no money with which to provide for herself and the children, or meet any of the household bills. 

Sandy went for several days without food as she used all her limited resources to feed her children. Eventually she approached the WSCC for help. But unfortunately all she met was roadblocks. The Wiltshire social services out worker was unable to offer any help. She could apply for a crisis loan, but that wouldn't be available for at least a week. The benefits system was closed to her, due to her situation needing to be investigated and reassessed following her partner's leaving. 

The WSCC staff took a collection and brought her some food basics such as bread and milk, and a £10 electricity card. But even this wouldn't last long. 

Thankfully the WSCC were also able to give Sandy a Foodbank voucher. When she came to the Distribution Centre we were able to give her food for her and her children that same day, and ensure this struggling family were able to eat every day until her benefits and crisis loan were available to her again.