Love in action

A couple of weeks ago a gentleman in his early 50s attended the distribution centre. He had never been in the situation before where he could not feed his family. There were a number of issues that had delayed his new benefit claim, so we sat him down and over a cup of tea he was able to vent his frustration over his situation. The packers gradually brought carrier bags over, filled with food, and his eyes grew wider and wider as he saw what was included in his food parcel; as the final bag arrived tears of gratitude were welling up.

We didn't see the man again until last week. Our hearts sank when he turned up at distribution, as we thought his benefits still hadn't been sorted out. But he hadn't come to claim a voucher but to return the unused items and a little bit more. All was now sorted with his claim.  He also handed a letter of thanks from his partner who, being housebound was unable to bring it herself. Having seen Jesus love demonstrated in action through Swindon Foodbank his partner has now expressed a wish to explore this further.  It just shows how one simple action of love to our fellow man can have an impact.