More than food

Sally came to Swindon Foodbank in need of food - but also support and a listening ear. 

Sally suffers from Asperges Syndrome. Going to college gives her a daily routine which helps her to cope with her illness. However, the summer holidays takes this routine away - suddenly daily living, paying the bills and staying on top of things becomes that much harder for her. 

This year things got worse due to the Government's tightening of Disability Allowances. Sally has been deemed 'fit to cope'; this has resulted in her losing some of her income on which she depends to provide for her and her teenage son. In order to dispute the finding Sally needs to complete forms to request a reassessment. It has all become too much for her, and the summer has been a struggle for her to cope without the usual support she depends on to work these things through. 

A Foodbank voucher has helped her obtain some food - but more valuable has been the sympathetic support, someone to listen to her story, opportunity for her to offload her stress and frustration, as well as advice on how to go forward.