No notice, no pay

Nineteen year old Jack is a bright and independent young man, working for a self-employed painter and decorator. However, no-one advised him he needed a contract of employment. When his employer lost his contract with a housing association he terminated Jack's employment immediately, with no notice and no pay - in fact, he still owed him two months salary. 

Jack tried to deal with his new situation as best he could. He went to see Swindon Borough Council about his council rent, and to the Job Centre to sign on. However, he was told it would be three weeks before he would receive any money. Suddenly Jack had no money and no way to feed himself with no prospect of that changing for weeks. 

He found his way to Swindon Foodbank, who were able to contact SBC Housing who carry our food vouchers, and get them to issue Jack with vouchers until his money comes through. Jack is now able to continue dealing with this abrupt change in his circumstances with dignity and maintaining his independence, without the stress and fear of going without food.