No-one is safe from unexpected crisis

It's easy to assume that those who need help from Swindon Foodbank are all from the same social situation. But the truth is a crisis can hit anyone at anytime. 

Esther came to Swindon Foodbank after being made redundant from her middle management job. In her mid 40s her relationship then broke down and she found herself unemployed and left in a house that exceeded her house benefit. She had used all her capital and therefore couldn't downsize, and so stuck in a ‘vicious circle’.

Because she was on benefits many landlords wouldn't consider taking her on. She came to Swindon Foodbank with a voucher and decided to return as a volunteer, giving her an opportunity for social interaction and some purpose in her day.

However, her circumstances haven’t improved and she is likely to have to move back to live with her parents in a couple of month’s time.