Penalised for job hunting

Grace is five months pregnant. Two months ago she was made redundant. She signed on a the job centre and began receiving her benefits, while she searched for a new job. Last week she was put forward for an interview, which she was eager to go for. However, it wasn't until the interview itself that we discovered it was a six month contract - which would be no good for her as she would soon be unable to work once the baby arrived. Even so they offered her the job, which she had to turn down. 

Turning down a job offer meant that her benefits were instantly frozen, leaving her with no income. Grace has no family locally, and very little support. She was able to see the Job Centre manager who could understand the situation she was in, but was powerless to effect the month freeze on her benefits. Thankfully he was able to give her a Foodbank voucher. 

Grace was understandably in distress when she came to Swindon Foodbank, but was much relieved when she was how much food she would receive. Having some practical support in this way helped her to keep on fighting - she now going to go to Wiltshire Law Centre to seek help in having her benefits freeze lifted.