People we have helped

Peter's wife died two years ago leaving him with 3 young children. He had never expected to be bereaved so early in life and together with his wife they had made plans, bought a house and put down roots.  He had a good stable job which he has had to give up in order to look after the children. Two years on he is still grieving and he has used up all his resources, with no where else to turn. He came to the Distribution Centre very reluctantly and embarrased but holding a voucher. We were able to provide him with food, but also a listening ear for some 20 minutes or so. We hope we have made him welcome enough to feel able to visit us again.

Today Adam came in asking for help.  His partner was just out of hospital with their new baby, but there was no food in the house. As he has been sanctioned for four weeks he has no money.  We have advised him where to go to get a voucher and we will be able to provide him with food this afternoon.

We are seeing an increasing number of people who seem to be feeling they are not being dealt with very fairly with their benefits in their opinion. Whilst we don't get involved with the politics of this we are able to treat each person who comes to us for help fairly and with compassion

Tom had split from his partner and had to leave their home very suddenly.  As he had no where else to go he lived in his car for several days.  He had friends who allowed him to cook food but were not able to help him further than that.  We have been able to provide him with food over the last week or so and he is in the process of getting the help he needs from other Agencies but of course this all takes time

We don't know what caused Jack to be sent from his home town to Swindon, except that it was difficult circumstances that meant he had to go to a place where no one knew him.  He has no money, no friends or family in contact, no agency referral and therefore no support from council or job centre.  He has provisionally been put up in a hotel, but without money, food or cooking facilities he is destitute.  We have been able to provide him with a tin opener and food that he can eat cold from the can or packet!  We understand he has a key worker in his home town, but wonder if he has been overlooked because he is in another place.  This situation is not uncommon where people have been moved for their own security. It takes time for the local agencies to catch up, meanwhile they are left in limbo and where do they turn.

Bob walked into the Distribution Centre wearing his biker jacket and covered in tatooes, giving the impression of a tough man, but he had recently been made redundant after 30 years with his company.  He had sold his bike and anything else he could, to provide for his wife and son rather than claim benefits, but now he is a broken man with nothing.  He has made his claim but of course the delay between claiming and receiving leaves him with nothing and no where else to turn.

For each of these situations, Foodbank is able to provide food for them to eat, a listening ear, a caring heart and knowledge of the various support services that they can begin to tap into. We can only do this because of the generosity of yourselves and local Companies, Churches, Schools etc. and individuals who have caught the vision.

Thank you so very much