Some of the people you have helped in June/July 2014

Going into hospital in an emergency...

is quite upsetting in its self, but finding that all your benefits have been stopped on your return, and you have no money
or food leaves you very distressed. Terry found himself in that very position, his messages had not reached the correct people and he was quite destitute. So when he came along with his voucher, we were able to put a smile on his face, by listening to him, and supplying the food he needed.

She'd been married for quite a few years...

working hard to pay the bills, put food on thetable, and clothe the children, thinking her husband was doing his fair share, only to discover he had been gambling and they were in danger of losing their home. Very nearly at rock bottom,
Dorcas was overwhelmed by the support of strangers, and could not thank us enough for the food she was able to have.