Some of the People You Have Helped in March/April 2014

Life can sometimes be just like a game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’

… but for George it very much became a reality and not a game. He had worked hard and climbed the Ladders of Life, earning a £35,000+ salary, company car and nice house along the way. But suddenly his circumstances changed dramatically. The pressures of work increased, along with his stress levels, so much so that he was signed-off work. His benefits & allowances didn’t amount to enough and he quickly slumped … so followed a rapid fall down the Snakes of Life. He came to us homeless, having lost everything, but like so many of the clients we see, with a determination to get his life back on track. We were able to listen, chat and suggest ways to help – and most importantly give him enough food to last about 5 days.

Martin stuck his head round the corner

… looking for a familiar face at Distribution last week. He had spent quite a bit of time with us last year – we had got to know him well, helping him with food, toiletries and cups of tea. He was back in Swindon town centre and wanted to pop in to say ‘hello’ and let us know he was doing well. Just over a year ago, Martin had been sleeping rough in a tent in local woods, trying to sort-out his life since becoming a victim of domestic abuse. Our friends at Citizen’s Advice Bureau were able to offer him Foodbank vouchers, which is when we met him. We were there at just the right time to help him through a very difficult time.

Planning a budget with a large family is difficult

… but when money runs out it sometimes becomes impossible – there just isn’t enough to cover all the bills and buy food. Laura watched her parents struggle with this situation. They tried desperately to cope and were too embarrassed and ashamed to ask for help. Eventually Laura spoke to her college adviser which is when we came into the picture. With some food from Foodbank in the cupboards and suggestions of other agencies that could also help, the budget became manageable and the family was back ‘in a better place’.