Some of the People You Have Helped in Feb/March 2014

For the sake of the kids:

Billy was dressed-up as his favourite story book character and his brother Jimmy was in his pushchair, they were with their mum Michelle when she presented her voucher. A lovely family, with no food in the cupboard or fridge. Even though she has 2 children to look after, Jane has been told she has to apply for jobs every day. However, because she was judged not to be applying for enough jobs, her benefits were stopped! She really didn’t want to come to Foodbank for help, but knew that her children needed her to. We were able to put smiles on their faces with food, including some nice biscuits and a warm drink.

A long walk but it was worth it:

It was his hands I saw first, they were red raw and absolutely freezing. He had walked several miles to meet us at our town centre distribution point, as he didn't have the money for bus fare. A hot drink and some home-made cake soon revived Martin.His was a sad tale, illness, addiction and mental health issues, but he was making great progress now - and very determined to stay that way. He just needed a little help along the way and someone who cared enough to listen. So after a chat and another drink, we put a food parcel in his backpack, and we even managed to find some gloves, for his return walk home.

Don’t be deceived by 1st impressions:

The clothes were really good quality, make-up and hair immaculate - the outside appearance was very stylish, but Yvonne was like jelly inside. She had gone from being an independent women with a professional job and a nice home, to living in temporary accommodation with virtually just the clothes she wore. It all started when she had serious damp problems in her property, this rapidly affected her health,ruining a lot of her possessions and ultimately costing her, her job.When she came to see us,she was completely amazed that such a place existed, she was really touched and ‘had a little cry’ because we were able to show her that we cared.