A teenager's only support

Katie is a seventeen year old girl, who came into the Distribution Centre with her younger sister Ellie and a friend. Katie and Ellie live at home with their mother, who is a drug addict. Although trying to make life at home work, Katie had just found things so desperate that, just ten days short of her 18th birthday, she had decided to leave. However, she was still greatly worried about leaving her sister behind.

Katie and her sister had spent the day trying to arrange somewhere for her to stay, for money, and also for help for Ellie. However because she was still under 18 she was told there was no help available to her for accommodation or financial help; and Social Services were unable to help regarding Ellie, only able to suggest that they should inform the police about what was happening at home.

Thankfully Connexions had been able to give the girls a Foodbank voucher and send them to us. When they arrived they were naturally very distraught. While putting together their foodbox we were able to talk with the girls at length. As they were listened to and they realised that there were people who genuinely cared about what they were going through they gradually became calm. We may not have been able to solve all their problems, but while with us they regained a sense of hope that help would be available to them somewhere.